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The Thorough QT Study: Is Its Demise on the Horizon?

Editorial by Philip T. Sager and Peter Kowey (2014)

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The IQ-CSRC Prospective Clinical Phase 1 Study: Can Early QT Assessment Using Exposure Response Analysis Replace the Thorough QT Study?

Publication by Borje Darpo, Nenad Sarapa, Christine Garnett, Charles Benson, Corina Dota, Georg Ferber, Venkateswar Jarugula, Lars Johannesen, James Keirns, Kevin Krudys, Catherine Ortemann-Renon, Steve Riley, Danise Rogers-Subramaniam, and Norman Stockbridge (2014)

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Detection of QTc Effects in Small Studies – Implications for Replacing the Thorough QT Study

Publication by Georg Ferber, Meijian Zhou and Borje Darpo (2014)

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Improving the Precision of QT measurements (Early Precision QT Method Validation)

Publication by Borje Darpo, Anthony A. Fossa, Jean-Philippe Couderc, Meijian Zhou, Anna Schreyer, Mark Ticktin and Alex Zapesochny (2011) 

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