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A sampling of videos of the people behind your cardiac and respiratory research at iCardiac

“Oftentimes companies start working with us for the first time because they have some particularly difficult scientific challenge and they need our assistance with it. But they end up staying with us and giving us other studies…because they recognize that we don’t just bring science to the process of testing a drug. We have people that are extremely knowledgeable and extremely passionate, who really care and do everything they can to make sure that a study runs as smoothly as possible.”

“Our clients reap the benefits of the best technology at iCardiac because we focus on the most important features, the most important functionality. We deliver it early and often so we can derive the best business value for our clients. It’s very important to our clients to store their data, to protect it, to have it backed up, to be able to recover from any unforeseen disasters and we’ve proven that we can do that.”

“We don’t want you to feel like you have to go it alone. We want to be able to help you troubleshoot. Even if you’re with a subject, we want you to give us a call. We don’t want you to hesitate. That’s what makes us and sets us apart from all the rest.”

“We are a fun group to work with…and every one of us, including in project management, in data management – every one of us is really dedicated to what we do. The unifying goal that we have here is to make our clients happy, and they will be happy when we meet deadlines and give them the high quality data they were expecting.”

“We’re on the front line with the client and we’re with them on a day-to-day basis sometimes, depending on the intensity of the study. We are there for them to communicate with us, and if they need anything we make ourselves available for them on an as-needed basis throughout the duration of the study.”


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